Our underwear  products  are  being  produced by 36/1 full  lycra  supreme fabric,  thus our   products  give your  body more  softness
and  easily  absorbs sweat and send out.
Beside this fabrice, we  can use  other  textures  such as 20/1,30/1,40/1 and so on different  types of  fabrice  as per  customer  demand.

Composition %95  cotton %5 Spandex/lycra/Elastane

What  do  we  produce  as  underwear?

Men  & women, boys , girls’  boxer,briefs,undershirts,O-neck,V-neck,Long Sleeve undershirts

All the  process of  underwear products ,from design stage to  cutting fabric and  sewing,
are  being  done at  our  highest technologhy facilities by the  experienced  masters.
The  material  that  we   use  coherent  with  enviroment and there is  never    harmful  composition to human  health in our  products.

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